Search Engine Optimization


There are few things more important to business success than a high performing website and a robust multi-platform internet marketing effort.  These things are without question the future of all commerce.

Recent data even suggests that companies and organizations that fail to master the art and science of internet marketing will be gone or at least irrelevant in five years.

Gold & Partners has a team of experts (some call us superheroes!) dedicated to this field – a dedication that has earned Google Partner status for the firm.  Only agencies with advanced training, certifications, and depth of experience receive this designation.  We manage all facets of SEO and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and work diligently to remain among the very best specialists in the field.

The only constant about both SEO and CRO is constant change.

Google makes daily changes to their search engine algorithms – those mathematical formulas that manage the vast amount of digital information available on the internet.

In this field, to be a truly effective advocate and SEO/CRO advisor for clients – one has to make tracking change within the industry a hallmark of one’s daily efforts.   To that end – each and every member of our team uses advanced industry newsfeeds to follow technology shifts each day, as they happen.  Our knowledge becomes your advantage.

What you can expect from us:
  • internetinsidepageAnalytics. On average, we use four advanced analytics tools to understand how your website is performing and why. The basic Google Analytics dashboard configuration is just that – basic. We help you go well beyond basics to better understand who is visiting your website (age, sex, location, language, interests), how they are visiting it (platforms and technology used), how your website performs across different browsers, how you are acquiring your visitors (sources), when they visit (hour, day & month), what pages they consume and how long they consume them, where visitors are encountering friction and leave, what their typical journey through your website looks like, how different types of visitors (organic vs. direct vs. referral vs. social vs. PPC vs. new vs. returning, etc.) behave differently from each other, and so much more. We help you understand the difference between visitors that become customers – and those that don’t – and help you find ways to improve your conversions/sales.
  • Top-line as well as in-depth SEO and CRO audits of your website. For these evaluations, we use a number of complex SEO and CRO analysis tools and look at a number of critical aspects including site design, technical SEO, on-page SEO, off page SEO. It’s crucial to remember, what matters in SEO and CRO is what matters to the search engines – and that changes constantly.
  • Technical SEO refers to any SEO work that is done aside from the content, focusing on how well search engines can crawl your site and index your content.
  • On-Page SEO is focused on the content of the site and how well the content is optimized for relevant keywords . It’s also focused on the quality of the user experience when interacting with that content.
  • Off page SEO concerns inbound links from other websites and their impact on your website’s performance.
  • Advice and guidance on all aspects of technical SEO, including assistance improving website structure and content with the goal of improving your website’s rank.  We don’t just point out where you have problems – we work with you and your web design team to get your website right. We understand all three aspects of SEO and how to fix/improve each.   From repairing code and broken links, to identifying content that may bring Google penalties (spammy backlinks, thin or duplicative content, mobile incompatibility, poor site speed, etc.) to creating content of value – we understand what search engines require of top ranked sites.
  • Advice and guidance on improving your page or site’s conversion rates. Once a full site evaluation has been completed (including a technical analysis to spot speed or
  • Assistance refocusing all content around a core positioning strategy. With so many platforms and tools available to marketers – it’s easy for marketing messages to lose focus. From our decades of work in the field of positioning strategy – we can help you identify where you have lost control and suggest ways to refocus.

Having Gold & Partners as a part of our team has allowed us to focus on delivering quality service to our clients while leaving the marketing and pr to the professionals. We now have enhanced our visibility, established ourselves in our target market, refined our website and internet marketing efforts – making the dreams that were once on the drawing table a reality. Gold & Partners is an important member of our team and are truly a pleasure to work with. 

Matt Eacott, Vice President, Aware Recovery Care