Gold & Partners is a data driven marketing and communications agency specializing in internet marketing, serving the needs of the corporate and non-profit communities. The 21st Century is witnessing an explosion of information and communications platforms with profound societal and cultural consequences. How companies and organizations navigate this new world and manage messages and communication channels will decide which prosper and which wither and die.


Search Engine Optimization


Google now records over one trillion searches per year on its platform. Compare that with just 3,600,000 searches in 1998. Eighty-five percent of the U.S. population uses the internet to search for goods and services regularly, with 70% shopping online at least once a month. Does the internet matter? Of course it does. Is it making life more complicated for businesses? Without a doubt… read more...

Social Media

social media homepage photoSocial media is transforming world markets.  It is changing the nature of social interaction while remaking the communications fabric of modern life.  It is simultaneously liberating and complicating.  How does social media fit into the internet marketing discussion and how should companies and organizations use the tools?  


Pay-Per-Click Advertising

ppc advertisingGetting to page one in search results is the goal of every business website. And for very good reason. Sadly the competition for page rank is fierce. Did you know that over 90% of all traffic for a given search result goes no further than the first page? What’s more, as much as 70% of all traffic looks at just the top third of page one search results.


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