About Us

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Founders: Peter Gold & Kate Gold

Gold & Partners is a marketing and communications agency affiliated with the renowned marketing strategy firm of Trout and Partners.  We’re also a Google Partner – an official Google designation that shows we have advanced training and advanced certifications and are a trusted Google business partner.

Our agency serves the communications needs of the corporate and non-profit community by helping our clients understand and communicate effectively and efficiently to their markets.  

We believe effective selling is unalterably tied to messaging that differentiates an organization’s products and services from the competition’s.  We also believe effective selling requires organizations to create meaningful relationships with their customers and prospects.  To that end, we utilize our fields of specialization – Internet marketing, social media and marketing strategy – to help our clients reach their goals.

Having worked with Jack Trout for over 20 years, our strategic counsel is always based on the concept of positioning.  We help our clients understand how to break-through the noise and clutter to profitably communicate in an over-communicated world.

We were one of the early adopters of experiential (event marketing) and database marketing (Scholastic, Inc.: Children’s Books and Magazines Division, 1980s).  Each tool was initially developed to reach customers and prospects on an individual and personalized level.

The 21st Century is witnessing an explosion of information and communications platforms with profound societal and cultural consequences.  How companies and organizations navigate this new world and manage messages and communication channels will decide which prosper and which wither and die.

At Gold & Partners, our team is dedicated to helping clients sort through this dramatically changing landscape.   We understand Positioning Strategy – having worked with Trout for two decades and contributed to two books on the topic (The New Positioning and Differentiate or Die). We understand internet marketing in all of its forms… website analysis and design, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and more.  And we understand the value of social media and its varied strategies, which helps us design and implement winning campaigns that stay on message.

If we can help you, we hope you will call.

We added Gold & Partners to our team in 2014 to help us with our internet marketing efforts, and our multi-store business, starting first on the internet side.  With their help, we have more robust Adwords and social media campaigns. We are smoothly transitioning to a whole new e-commerce platform for the business.  Marketing is hard and they are smart folks who are up to the task.  They make a real difference for us.

-Joe Lillard, President, Washington Homeopathic Products