Pay-Per-Click Advertising


A number of paid advertising opportunities are available online, including PPC ads on search engines and their networks, social network PPC, display advertising and product feeds.

Our team of PPC certified specialists can set up and manage your paid marketing campaigns across all possible channels including Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and more. We provide full strategy development and setup, ad creative, campaign optimization and full analytics reporting.

What you can expect from us:
  • Design, creation and management of Search, Display, Google Shopping, & Social Media Campaigns.ppc advertising
  • Accountability for CTR as a key performance indicator while maintaining good lead quality.
  • Managment of text and graphic ads in search and display campaigns using both CPC and CPM bidding methods.
  • Ad copywriting that is compelling and also aligns with search intent and the landing page experience.
  • Development of custom landing pages designed based on market research from search query reporting, keyword analysis, auction insights and demographic data collected from display traffic.
  • Creation and management of A/B tests for both ads and landing pages to increase ROI.
  • Continual development and implementation of strategies for growth of paid search & display success.
  • Continuous review of search query reports as well as industry news and trends to identify new ideas and groups for targeting.
  • Use of Dynamic Search Ads/ Dynamic Keyword Insertion to improve ad performance.
  • Monitoring of competitor activity within the market.
  • Reporting of account performance to assess cost per lead/cost per acquisition.

 PPC platforms are technically complicated and require considerable skill and training to organize and manage well. Mistakes are very easy to make and always costly.

Gold & Partners is a certified PPC advisor and can help you create and manage successful and profitable PPC campaigns across all search engines and social media networks.