Social Media


More Traffic, More Connections, More Engagement, More Conversions

Social media is a new and critically important dimension of internet marketing. Through social media in all its forms, humans are finding ways to connect and communicate in a fashion that’s beyond the control of organizations and traditional media filters.

What tools are you using and why?

In order to know where your company is headed, you need a keen understanding of exactly where you are today. We’ll take inventory of your current social media efforts and discuss your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. We will also provide an analysis of your chief competition’s activities on social media.

What you can expect from us:


  • Audits of all social media efforts – and those of your primary competitors.
  • Social media analytics. We regularly use at least three advanced analytics tools to help you understand who you’re reaching, where and at what time you’re reaching them, whether your audience is engaged and ultimately the degree to which your messaging is working.
  • Guidance on existing and emerging social media options. New social media platforms are coming to life almost every day. We help keep you ahead of the curve by guiding you on which tools to employ and which to ignore (for now).
  • Build outs of multi-platform campaigns that effectively deliver your message to a highly relevant audience to improve your profitability. Cross-channel marketing is a common buzzword these days. We help you choose your tools and then we help you build them and connect them for maximum market impact.
  • Engaging content is the thing in social media – and we can create it for you.
  • Social media paid advertising. As social media matures – the options for extending the reach of your efforts through social platform ads are expanding as well. And so is the complexity of those options. We can help you make smart choices and we can help you create and manage your campaigns.